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Enjoy the irresistible soundscape crafted by Tradify, where the bold rhythm of the bouzouki, the mesmerizing harmonies of the whistle, and the powerful presence of uilleann pipes intertwine. With their vibrant arrangements drawing inspiration from Spain, America, and Ireland, Tradify establish itself as the definitive thrilling tune trio, delivering an exhilarating musical experience.


01 Lucy Farr’s, The Long Note & Joe Bane’s
02 Neili’s Slide, Neili’s Polka, Your Mother’s Little Pet & Bill Sullivan’s
03 The Rolling Wave, Craig’s Pipes
04 The March of Kaiser Composed by Darragh O’Heiligh
05 Mise Eire
06 El Garrotín & Muñeira de Casu

07 Waterman’s, Waterman’s Jig & Superfly
08 Prologue, Third Time’s a Charm & Cody’s Frolic’s Tunes Composed by Cedar Dobson
09 Molly Malone & Kitty’s Gone A-Milking
10 The Fairy Dance & The Bucks of Oranmore
11 The Roaring Barmaid, Star of Munster Jig, Star of Munster & Fred Finn’s